A DEAD Scrum Master is a USELESS Scrum Master – Ken Schwaber

In Ken Schwaber’s book, “Agile Project Management with Scrum“, he says

Lessons Learned
The ScrumMaster’s job is to protect the team from impediments during the Sprint. However, the ScrumMaster has to operate within the culture of the organization. My mistake lay in
failing to recognize the value of teamwork to this organization. I had been a consultant for so long that I’d forgotten how much some large organizations cared about not rocking the
boat and keeping the corporate family together.
The ScrumMaster walks a fine line between the organization’s need to make changes as quickly as possible and its limited tolerance for change. Whenever possible, the
ScrumMaster makes a case and pushes the necessary changes through. The results are often greater productivity and greater return on investment (ROI). However, sometimes these
changes are culturally unacceptable and the ScrumMaster must acquiesce. Remember that Scrum is the art of the possible. A dead sheepdog is a useless sheepdog.