Oracle Schema export using Datapump API

We wanted to schedule a nightly backup in a new Oracle 19c DB – however, we could not trigger unix script (expdp) from DBMS_SCHEDULER due a linux PAM missing. So, as a temporary arrangement we used DBMS_DATAPUMP API to perform this task as below. DBMS_DATAPUMP API comes handy when you want to perform export / import entirely within SQL Developer and don’t prefer to use the Unix command prompt.

We created a Procedure EXPORT_SCHEMA and scheduled to run daily as below. You can also find the links I referred below to prepare this.

-- Data Pump job handle
v_current_time DATE := sysdate;
V_DBNAME varchar2(8) := ora_database_name;
v_schema_expression varchar2(100) := 'LIKE ''%MYSCHEMAS''';
v_dump_file_name VARCHAR2 (100);
v_log_file_name VARCHAR2 (100);
-- h1 :='EXPORT', 'SCHEMA', NULL, 'EXP_JOB_' | to char(v_current_time, "YYYY_MM_DD_HH24MI'), 'LATEST');
-- v_ dump_file_name := V_DBNAME || 'DAILY_BACKUP' || trim(to_char(v_current_time, 'DAY')) || '%U.dmp;
-- v_log_file_name := V_DBNAME || '_DAILY_BACKUP' || trim(to_char(v_current_time, 'DAY')) || '_' || to_char(v_current_time, 'YYYY-MM-DD-HH24MI') || '.log';
-- dbms_datapump.add_file (handle => h1, filename => v_dump_file_name, directory => 'DATA_PUMP_DIR', fíletype => dbms_datapump.ku$_file_type_dump_file, reusefile => 1);
-- dbms_datapump.add_file (handle => h1, filename > v_log_file_name, directory => 'DATA_PUMP_DIR', filetype => dbms_datapump.ku$_file_type_log_file);
-- --A metadata filter is used to specify the schema that will be exported dbms_datapump.metadata_filter(h1, 'SCHEMA_EXPR', v_schema_expression) ;
-- dbms_datapump.set_parallel (h1, 8);
-- dbms_datapump.set_parameter(handle=>h1,name=>'COMPRESSION',value=>'ALL');
-- dbms_datapump.start_job(h1);
-- dbms_datapump.detach(h1); END / grant execute on SYSTEM.EXPORT_SCHEMA TO MYUSER; / begin dbms_scheduler.create_job( job_name=>'EXPORT_DATA_PUMP', job_type=> 'PLSQL_BLOCK', job_action=> 'BEGIN SYSTEM.EXPORT_SCHEMA; END;' , start_date => SYSTIMESTAMP end_date => SYSTIMESTAMP + INTERVAL '3650' day, repeat_interval => 'freq=daily; byday=mon, tue, wed, thu, fri, sat, sun; byhour=20; byminute=0', comments=>'Nightly Backup', enabled=>TRUE, auto_drop=>TRUE); end;

Reference Links:-

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